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About me

My name is Isabella Gonzalez.

I am a journalism student, full-time worker, young mom of a little girl, and wife to a wonderful man. 
I was born in Colombia and lived there all my life, but in 2014 I moved to the United States; Miami, to be more specific. Since then, I’ve been living here in Florida, but certainly miss Colombia and my family every passing day. 
I love writing, cooking and exercising; but I also love eating trash food, and staying home wearing pj’s all day, so… I won’t fool you, you’ll eventually see both versions here.

About Teetosh

Here you’ll find some stories of my life, thoughts I have towards it, memories, pictures, and tips/life-hacks I’d love sharing with you. If you’re not a parent, that’s fine! All my posts won’t be about diaper rash treatments and mall tantrums. 😉
Teetosh is also a family owned business. It is our brand, where we sell products for babies and kids. 

What does Teetosh mean?

Teetosh, is the way Ágatha, my daughter, pronounces the word “muñequitos”  (pronounced: moo-nyeh-ki-tos) which means, cartoons. Because this is a long, complex word for Spanish speaking beginners, (especially because of the letter ñ) is that Ágatha has trouble pronouncing it, and can only say the last two syllables: ki-tos, saying then: Tee-tosh.