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DIY Pretend Play Food

Most of kids and toddlers love pretend play kitchen or restaurant, which I consider very important, because: 


  • They can cook anything and become the chef, the leader.
  • They come up with many ideas and create dialog and action sequences spontaneously.
  • When they play with you, they develop emotional and social skills, while using their imagination.  

Although Ágatha always plays with play food toys, I thought it’d be nice to make our own, so she could learn a little more about the ingredients that we use to prepare food. To my impression, when I cut the pizza ingredients, she perfectly identified all of them, (that’s probably because she has those often) so, I also thought it is a nice activity to teach children food vocabulary.

I thought about making easy and colorful food, so we made a veggie pizza, a sandwich and two popsicles. You can always change the “ingredients” and add your favorite ones.


Cardboard & Paper Pizza

Pretend play pizza. Little girl paying with pizza


Materials for pizza craft. Pizza made of cardboard and paper. Preschool activities.

  • A piece of cardboard
  • 1 red sheet of paper (pasta sauce)
  • 1 black sheet of paper (black olives)
  • 1 yellow sheet of paper (shredded cheese)
  • 1 green sheet of paper (green peppers)
  • 1 brown sheet of paper (mushrooms)
  • Scissors and glue.


  1. Cut the cardboard in a circular form; this will be our pizza.
  2. Cut the red sheet of paper in the size of the circular cardboard; this will be the red sauce and base of ingredients.
  3. Draw all the mentioned veggies above in its corresponding sheet color. Then cut them.
  4. Ask your child to glue and stick the red circular paper (sauce) and all ingredients to the pizza. By the time he does it, teach him the food words and he can also practice colors and shapes!

Cardboard & Paper Veggie Sandwich: 

Pretend play food - Sandwich craft - Sandwich made of cardboard and colored paper.


Cardboard and colored papers to make a sandwich craft. Pretend play food.

  • A piece of cardboard
  • 1 red sheet of paper (tomatoes) 
  • 1 yellow sheet of paper (cheese)
  • 1 green sheet of paper (lettuce)
  • 1 green foam sheet (cucumbers)
  • Scissors and glue.


  1. Divide the cardboard in two pieces and cut them in a triangle form; these two will be our breads.
  2. Draw all the mentioned veggies above in its corresponding sheet color. Then cut them
  3. Ask your child to glue and stick  all ingredients.
  4. Lettuce must go first,  then stick the tomatoes on top of the lettuce, as shown in the pictures below.

    Sandwich craft made of cardboard. Preschool avctivities
    5. Now glue and stick the two slices of cheese.

    6. Last ingredient we are going to add to our sandwich will be the cucumber slices. Glue and stick both slices to corners.

    7. Lastly, add the other slice of bread on top of all ingredients.

    8. Enjoy!

Cardboard Popsicles


  • Cardboard
  • Red modeling clay
  • 2 Craft sticks
  • 1 purple sheet of paper (or any other color of your preference)
  • Glue and scissors


  1. Draw two popsicles in the cardboard and cut them. Then, draw 4 thin sticks, cut them and glue them on the popsicles; add 2 for each popsicle.

  2. Add some glue on every craft stick’s end. Then, stick it in the back of the popsicle.

  3. Now, it’s time to pour some sprinkles on our popsicles! Ask your little one to form them by using the modeling clay and rolling it with the heel of their palm forward and backwards until a small, thin stick starts to shape.

4. Draw a ball of ice cream melting in the purple sheet of paper. Finally, add some more sprinkles on top of the purple ice cream, and that’s it! Now you have finished your two popsicles. 

Little girl playing with cardboard popsicles.