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Animal Handprints Art

Hello guys! 

The last post I shared here was days before Halloween and I’ve been wanting to post this since last week, but we’ve been quite busy lately. Anyways, tell me how was your Halloween? Did your kids have fun? Ours was great, but post-Halloween has been a total headache! Agatha asks for candies about 10 times a day, despite she can only have two and she knows it. Some people think the best thing I can do is to give her candies away or trash them, since they believe she shouldn’t eat candies at all. Others say I should let her eat as much candy as she wants, since this only happens once a year. Everyone has a different opinion and I respect theirs. However, you know I’m all about balance and in my opinion, two candies per day is just enough and before 4 p.m. if I don’t want to have a hyper kid at bedtime. I just wanted to share my post-Halloween experience and would love to know how you guys manage candies at home with your kids. 

Turning to another issue, Agatha’s grandparents were out of the country for two weeks and she welcomed them with a mini animal book she made by herself.

Animal book DIY, made by toddler girl using white paper and markers.

What makes this book special  is the fact she made all animals by only using her hand-prints. This is such the perfect gift idea for any occasion: Birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or just as we did, a welcome present. You can also decorate it for the season or use other animals/objects. For example, a squirrel for autumn, a bunny for Easter, a flamingo for summer, a gingerbread for Christmas , etc… It’s all about imagination! But here I’ll show you a simple idea that never fails. 

For this craft, you’ll need the following materials: 

– White paper 
– Paints
– Markers and colored pens or pencils to decorate book cover.
– Your kid’s hand, of course! (you can also use their feet) 


1. Paint your child’s hand or foot.

2. Have your child place his hand on the paper.

3. Use his fingers to draw or paint the animal’s body parts. You can also use markers or colored pencils. 

4. Design a bold book cover!

You can also create more animals using different colors. Besides the bird, we also painted a turtle, a couple of giraffes, an elephant, a black cat and a crab.

While hand-prints dried up, Aggie wanted to continue painting, so I was struck by an idea. I could use those abstract paintings as pages separators.

Your child will probably want to paint more than just his hands and paper…

… and that was okay with me! 

Voila! There you have a fun and beautiful craft. Your kids will enjoy doing it and I’m quite sure whoever you give this book as a present, will surely love it. 


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