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Crafts Using Things Found in Nature

We are back and so our fun crafts!

Today, I want to show you three simple crafts that Agatha made using things found in nature. These past months we’ve been to the beach, parks and environmental preserves and I noticed that she loves collecting things from all these natural habitats; such as leaves, sticks, stones, shells, pine-cones and so on.

To be honest, I didn’t really want to take these home, I’d say because of the dust, sand and else that these have. Howbeit, then I thought: “why don’t just take them home and clean them” right? I tend to get too complicated for silly things that have a solution, plus… kids just want to explore. So, it suddenly came to me, out of the blue, that we could use these to make crafts and we collected these:

Seashell fishes:


-Modeling clay


1 Paint seashells using the colors of preference. 

We used the ones we had at home: orange, red, black, blue, white, brown and green. 

But… Agatha loves mixing paints.

And this was the result:

They actually looked very nice and unique. 

2. Let the paint dry fully and form their eyes and fins by using the modeling clay. 

Native Indian Crown


-Leaves and/or sticks


1 Using measuring tape, measure your child’s head size then cut the pasteboard in the size and form of a headband.  

2. Using glue stick all the leaves and sticks to the headband.


Mini Pine-cone Frame


-Miniature pine-cones
– 6 craft sticks
– Paint 
– Superglue or glue gun
– Picture or drawing


1 Using the craft sticks make a frame. You can make any frame shape, ours was a simple “house” chosen by Agatha.

2. Paint it

3. Let the paint dry and once fully dry decorate it using the mini pine-cones. Regular glue won’t work since both craft sticks and pine-cones are wood material, so I used superglue, but doing it with a glue gun would also work.

NOTE: This step I did it myself, it shouldn’t be done by children nor close to them, since this a hazardous material. 

I hope you’ve liked these crafts and wish you can make them with your little ones! That’d make us super happy, thank you and have a nice one ❤️