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Halloween Crafts for Kids – Room Decor

Halloween room decoration

Halloween is almost here! And I definitely needed to show you how Ágatha’s small play space looks like, especially  when we’ve only spent $12! Yes, hard to believe, right? 
This includes six different crafts #toddlerapproved ( 2 paintings, a pencil holder, 2 ghost bookends, 3 paper pumpkins ) and also some spooky decor such as wall decor (owl stickers)  and table/shelf decor (spider web, bat & skull rings and Halloween eyeballs) 

Reason why we’ve only spent this little amount of money, is because we’ve gotten all products at Dollar Tree. You know how I am, always looking for nice looking and affordable materials to create amazing things with my little one. 

These crafts are perfect for toddlers and older kids. I also must say that I’m very proud of Ágatha, (my 2-years-old daughter, for those who don’t know) she painted and glued everything! (and I took care of details: Jack 0′ face, “BOO” sign and Frankenstein’s face). 


  • Paints color orange, black and white – $1 (purchased 4-ct. paints)
  • Colored paper: green and orange – $1
  • 2 White Artist Canvas – $2
  • 2 wooden ghosts – $2
  • Craft bottle – $1
  •  Spider web (Includes 4 spiders) – $1
  • Halloween Owl Stickers – $1
  • Bats & skull rings – $1
  • Halloween eyeballs – $1
  • Decorative Pumpkin – $1

Now, let’s proceed to the step by step of each craft. 

Ghost Bookends:

Paint ghosts white on both sides.

Toddler painting ghosts for Halloween. Halloween crafts for toddlers and older kids.

Little girl painting ghosts for Hallowen. Halloween crafts for toddlers.

Ghost bookends on shelf for kids
Once painted for both sides and fully dried, this is how they look! PS: Don’t forget to add more decoration around books.

Frankenstein’s Pencil Holder:

1- Cover craft bottle with green colored paper. 

2- These are crafts for toddlers, mama’s! Easy-peasy crafts is what we need, right?! Tape is my go-to material for so many projects.

3- Now, tape black glitter ribbon on top of the craft bottle. 

4- Last but not least, draw and paint face details. As you can see I only used two colors: black and white. I first drew his hair and eyes and then scars and mouth. 

Jack o’ Lantern Painting:

1- Start by painting your canvas orange.

2- We opted to apply 2 coats.

3- Once completely dry, I used a No. 2 pencil to draw a Jack o’ lantern face and then painted black. 

Halloween Hand-print Ghost Art Project:

1- The first steps of this craft are very similar to the Jack O’ Lantern face painting that we just made. Start by painting canvas black. 

Art canvas

2. Apply 2 coats as well.

3. Let it dry

4. Once dry, paint your child’s hand white. 

5. Aaand… make sure he doesn’t move his hand when putting it on the canvas. I know, this is the hardest step, at least it was with my daughter. Well, she’s two, what kind of stillness could I be expecting from her. 

6. But it was okay after all…


7. It actually came out like a real ghost. BOO! Add eyes stickers (if you don’t have eyes, you can paint them too or use white paper) and use some orange paint to write sign. 

Paper Pumpkins Craft:

1- For these little perfectly imperfect cute pumpkins,  all we’ll need is colored paper and glue. 

1- Form three balls using the orange paper. Your kids will have lots of fun doing this! Ágatha looked SO happy, I imagine she felt empowered to think that she could destroy and damage something with my permission for the very first time in her short life, lol. 

2. Form small tiny sticks using the green paper.

3. Then glue sticks to paper balls. That’s it!

Other Halloween decoration we used: 

Final outcome of Aggie’s Play Space DIY! 

Halloween room decoration

PS: Just in case you’re wondering, I got Aggie’s Jack-O Lantern Head Bopper at Dollar Tree as well.

That’s all for today, guys. Eight more days till Halloween! I hope you can find some Halloween inspiration here for this or next year but overall hope your kids enjoy all these crafts very much, as much as my little one did. Thank you for your time and Happy Halloween! B O O! 

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  1. Nic

    Beautiful work! Congratulations!

  2. zzzionnn

    This year, think beyond the pumpkin and kick off the spookiest season of the year with these Halloween crafts for kids, which include ghosts, bats, spiders, and lots of googley eyes. Your little monsters will

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