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DIY Maracas

“Apologizing for the work done, is such the worst way to start a presentation.” – My creative writing professor used to say, when it was time to read our stories in public. Stories, by the way, created in ten minutes; only time he gave us to complete a two-pages story. We clearly ended up apologizing for such elaborate and poor stories. This craft I’m bringing Today wasn’t timed but as the stories I had to write for class, it’s been totally made up. Although he was accurate, I might offer an apology to any meticulous person reading me out there. Our maracas might not seem like it, but to my little one’s imagination, they are and they actually sound like it! Which is what really matters.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s turn to the matter in hand.

Reasons why I love this craft:

✔ Musical instruments help toddlers with sensory development
✔ Beans are perfect for sensory play
✔ She did it in ten minutes. Perfect for those busy days where have many things to get done, but we still want to share time with them.
✔ Used few materials.
✔ This is the first instrument we make.


– 2 ballons
– A paper towel roll (or two toilet paper rolls)
– Dry beans
– Tape
– A piece of cardboard
– Colored paper
– Super Glue to stick balloons to paper towel rolls. Please be aware this glue is very strong and should avoid contact with skin. This part should be done by parents NOT children.

Painting and decorating maracas is optional. In this case, Aggie decided to decorate them using white paint.

  1. Cut paper roll in two halves. Again, you can use two toilet paper rolls instead. 

  2. By using one of the ends of the roll, trace two circles on the paperboard.

  3. Cut both circles and use tape to stick them to the end of each roll.  

  4. Cover rolls with the paper of your choice. We have used lilac construction paper.

  5. Cover bottoms as well.

  6. Insert dry beans inside each roll. Use as many as you want, we used about 10 per roll

  7. Inflate balloons. Here’s Aggie trying her best! 

  8. Add Super Glue on the other end of each roll, that is around the hole. (This is the part I mentioned above about carefully doing it by yourself)

  9.  Apply pressure to the balloons to make sure they’ve been glued correctly. 

  10. Once they’re fixed, you’re ready to decorate!

One thought on “DIY Maracas

  1. Josue Norberto Perdomo

    Super!!!! Espectacular, la creatividad y el trabajo realizado con tu bebe. Es la forma de formar mejores seres humanos. Creativos, ingeniosos, laboriosos. Ocupar el tiempo de manera productiva.

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