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Easy Crafts for Kids

Crafts done by Agatha, my two-years-old daughter.

Easy Crafts to Do at Home with Toddlers: 

There is always a perfect excuse for our children to get bored at home and, we the parents, (or whoever that takes care of them) stop what we’re doing in that moment, to bring out that inner artist we all have and do any craft fail with them. “Fail” that ends up being the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen, which we also feel very proud of. Vacation, weekend or holiday, sick child at home, no school day, or, you simply homeschool, any of these is a good time to do something nice and creative and spend quality time with them.

Today, I’ll show you seven different easy crafts to do with your kids at home. These are 5 minute crafts! If your child is under 3, that’s not a problem. My daughter is 2 and she was very entertained, as these are quick activities, which don’t require many materials, so don’t be afraid to try them.

Craft: Animal faces

-Construction paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– 2 toothpicks
– Tape


1. We’re going to start by cutting all parts. If your child is under 3, I suggest that you cut them for him or with him. If not, make sure you use special scissors designed for toddlers. First, cut two big circles, one must be color yellow and the other one white. These will be the heads. Then, cut all face parts for both animals:

– 4 black circles
– 6 small white circles
– 1 orange triangle
– Many black little spots
– 2 ears & 2 horns
– 1 snout (or an oval) 

Easy crafts for kids
Easy crafts for kids - Animal face, cow face
2. Once you’ve cut all parts, spread them on the table and ask your child to place them where he believes they go. Help him sticking all parts in its respective place. In the meantime, you can teach him the shapes and colors names.

Easy crafts for kids - Animal faces

3. Turn around both faces and tape the toothpicks on the back of each face. That’s it, this is a 5-minute craft. 
PS: If you can make your cow better than ours, please do. Our cow looks more like a pig (that’s my fault). 

Easy crafts to do at home with toddlers

Craft: The “Ocean” 

– 1 brightblue posterboard
– White eggshells
– Modeling clay
– Glue
– Green paint
– Paint brush
– Dried leaves
– Fuzzy sticks or any other material you want to use as seaweed.

1. By only using water, wash the eggshells, making sure you remove the egg-whites adhered here. 
2. Once fully dried, break it into pieces. Then glue them on the top of your post board. This is going to be the sky. You can use cotton if desired. 
3. Now we’re going to make the marine creatures. To make their body, use modeling clay to form many circles and triangles (heads and tails)

Sky made with white eggshells

4. Glue the fuzzy sticks and dried leaves on the bottom of the post board.
Crafts to do at home with toddlers - The ocean craft
5. You can also use glitter, sand, stones, paints or else, to decorate the ocean’s floor. 

Tip: Get your child an apron 😉 he or she will definitely need it. 

Craft: Giraffe 

– Towel paper roll
– 1 sheet of construction paper (yellow)
– Orange and yellow paints
– Paint brush
– 1 sheet of paper (white, blank) 
– Tape
– Scissors 
– Black permanent maker 
– Glue

1. Start by cutting the bottom of the towel paper. 

2. Add glue to yellow paper and cover the entire towel paper with this one. 
Crafts for kids

And don’t forget to tape it. 

3.  You can print the giraffe’s face or you can make it yourself. To make this craft longer, we decided to draw the face on a blank paper. Then, Aggie used the yellow paint to give it some color, and I remarked its eyes and nose with a black sharpie.

4. Use tape to stick the head to the body and paint some orange spots all around it’s head and body. 

Easy crafts for kids - Giraffe Craft
Craft: Mask

– White foam mask 
– Glitter 
– Glue 
– Paint brush

This is the easiest craft and everything is done in 2 simple steps.
1. Add glue to mask using a paint brush. 

2. Add glitter. 

Easy crafts for kids -  Foam mask craft

Although this is a simple craft, kids actually have lots of fun adding glitter to the same thing over and over. Additionally, by using the paint brush to add glue to mask, they’re developing fine motor skills, which makes this activity good for them.

Craft: Pasta Flowers

– A piece of cardboard
– Modeling clay
– Pasta shells or elbow macaroni pasta
– Fuzzy sticks 
– Blue Paint
– Paint brush 
– Tape
– Glue 

1. Start by painting your cardboard with blue paint. 

2. Make a flower pot using the modeling clay.

3. Stick it on cardboard and decorate it with some pasta shells. Then, place fuzzy sticks on top of the flower pot using tape.

4.  Finally, make some flowers with pasta shells as well.

Easy, cheap, colorful and creative. We always have something at home to make nice crafts. You might still see the nutrition table on the cardboard, yes, it is from a food product box, so we don’t always need to go to a craft store to buy materials.

Craft:  Pom Pom Worms 

This is another 2 – minute craft! Agatha took this craft to the park and told everybody to be careful with her worms. :’) 

– 1 green foam sheet 
– Colored pom poms 
– Glue 
– Scissors

. Draw as many leaves as you want on the green foam sheet. Then proceed to cut them, try to make them 2 – 3″ length, so that you have enough space to add the pom poms. 

2. Add glue in the middle of each leaf.

3. Glue pom poms. 

Craft: Free Project! 

This is our seventh and last craft, and also the one they usually like the most. Why? Because it’s a free project! Just give them a large piece of paper, or a trifold display board (as I used) and some paints, and you’ll see how they keep themselves distracted for like 45 minutes. Which is a LOT for a toddler, haha.

– 1 Trifold display board. I chose white, and got it for $1 at Dollar Tree. 
– Paints 

Well, that was it for Today. Again, it’s all about being creative: cotton, paper, toilet paper rolls, boxes, we all have those at home. Also, for art supplies, I’d recommend you getting them at your nearest dollar store, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on materials.  I hope you make them all with your children and if you do, I’d love to see them! 

Have a nice day kiddos! 


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